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Struts 2 is a new framework for the java developers. It is a combination of Struts 1 + Webworks formally known as Struts Ti. It is available with the enhanced quality of code and helps developers to work in a more organized way.

In built Ajax functionality is a boon for the developers. When I started working on the Struts 2. I felt that it may be very hard to learn but not actually. It is far easier then I thought. I haven’t work on other frameworks like Tapestry, Wicket, Spring etc. but I know what I am doing is good enough for me.

All frameworks provide there own way of style of coding which are good in there respect.

In built Interceptors provided a great functionality that helps in lots of situations. The one I like is a WaitAndExecute Interceptor. It is very helpful in situations when your action takes lots of time to execute. This interceptor displays a default page when your action is executing at background.
Lots of more features are there for developers like Ajax functionality, themes to be used on pages, Inversion of Control.

I know that the documentation is little less but you know when a new technology grows it takes time. Struts 2 also one of them. The latest release of the Struts 2 is 2.0.11 which can be downloaded from Struts 2 home.

I had a Struts 2 forum on the which can help you answer all your queries related to the Struts 2. You are welcome to post queries


  1. Hi Vinod,

    what you think about themes of struts 2,some how i modified xhtml theme for multi column display, but this is very difficult and time consuming thing in struts 2 as every application have different requirement than 2 column display...
    what u say? did u face this problem?

  2. Hi
    Themes in Struts2 are good enough for you if you are beginner in Struts2. But if you know the technique to change the layout then its very interesting and of course very helpful for your application.
    You can make your themes and use them in different projects as per requirements.
    Yes, you are right I had faced problem at beginning, but now I am very easy at it.

  3. whats your email address i wana talk to u......
    i know u wont prefer it..........but....

  4. Hi... please give us relevant url for examples of theme

  5. Thanks Dude, Do you have any examples to share. i worked in Struts1.1 but not struts 2.0. Please point me site for examples.

    hadoop tutorials


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