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First Time Deployment of war file to IBM Cloud

In this post, I will put a very basic deployment of Java war file on the IBM Cloud . Previously, IBM Cloud was known as IBM Bluemix . But in this post, I will prefer using the IBM Cloud and not the bluemix. I was facing problem while deploying the war file on the IBM Cloud for the first time. I am not a DevOps person who knows about the servers as well. But my job was to deploy the application on the IBM Cloud I need to do it. So, I tried googling around but have no idea about how to do it. There are some examples are given but they are not so basic to be understood by a developer who wants to deploy the application in Cloud. But I manage to do it. And I will explain all the steps that are needed to deploy the application to the Cloud. The application I am going to deploy is the Spring Boot application. Requirements 1. IBM Cloud account. 2. IBM Bluemix CLI 3. war file (spring-boot application) IBM Cloud  Setup After signing for IBM Cloud, go to the IBM Cloud Dashboard. IB