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Struts 2 - result type input error Resolved

Some times when coding through Struts 2 we get a input error specifying that result type input missing. But we haven't applied any validation on it. That some times creates a havoc among developers and they start complaining about the error as Struts 2 doesn't give the proper error. Struts 2 in Action I was also facing the same problem until I found the hole in my coding. As we all know that input type result is required when validate framework is applied. This is obvious as it will return to the input page defined in the input type result if some validation fails. But when we haven't applied any validation and this error is displayed what can be the problem. The problem can be: You have created a field on the jsp let it be hidden field and you are implementing the ModelDriven interface. But you forgot to add the jsp hidden field variable in the pojo class . This will surely generate this error. The solution to this problem is to declare a variable in the pojo

Unclean shutdown of previous Apache run - Resolved

Today I am having a problem with Apache restart. It is continuously giving me the Unclean shutdown of previous Apache run error. After googling for two hours I got a answer to it. Actually I had installed a Skype on my system which uses port 80 for its some connection purpose and Apache also uses it. So simple un-check the Use port 80 option in the Advanced -- Connection tab from Skype options. Then restart the apache it works well. Hope it works for you as well. What a stupid mistake.