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Changing default style of <s:actionerror/> / <s:actionmessage/> tag

In struts 2 when you put <s:actionerror /> tag it displays the errors in the following way: <ul> <li>error 1</li> <li>error 2</li> </ul> But sometimes it seems to be very ugly when displaying the dot (.) in the action errors or action messages Below is a normal code that displays the tags in your customized way. You can specify your own css for this <s:if test="hasActionErrors()"> <s:iterator value="actionErrors"> <span class="errorMessage"><s:property escape="false" /> </span> </s:iterator> </s:if> Alternatively you can change the file in the "/template/simple/actionerror.ftl” and put it in the /web-directory/struts/simple if using simple theme Similar for <s:actionmessage /> tag. Enjoy Struts