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SSL in Spring Boot using GoDaddy certificate on EC2

In this article, we will be going to see how we can achieve the HTTPS in the spring boot application . You will get lots of items on how to use the self-generated certificate with Spring Boot. But today we are going to use the CA generated certificates with the Spring Boot so that our application will work on HTTPS. We need the following things to work: CA certificates including, private key and certificate. In this article, we are using the GoDaddy wild card certificate. Spring Boot application OpenSSL library Convert the certificate and private key to PKCS 12 First of all, we need to convert the CA certificate to .p12 format . We need to have OpenSSL on the system to work with command. Also, we need to have all files in the same directory where we are running this command. The command required to covert the same: openssl pkcs12 -export -in [ceritificate-name] -inkey [private-key] -name [host] -out [new-file.p12] Here replace the values: [ceritificate-name] with

First Time Deployment of war file to IBM Cloud

In this post, I will put a very basic deployment of Java war file on the IBM Cloud . Previously, IBM Cloud was known as IBM Bluemix . But in this post, I will prefer using the IBM Cloud and not the bluemix. I was facing problem while deploying the war file on the IBM Cloud for the first time. I am not a DevOps person who knows about the servers as well. But my job was to deploy the application on the IBM Cloud I need to do it. So, I tried googling around but have no idea about how to do it. There are some examples are given but they are not so basic to be understood by a developer who wants to deploy the application in Cloud. But I manage to do it. And I will explain all the steps that are needed to deploy the application to the Cloud. The application I am going to deploy is the Spring Boot application. Requirements 1. IBM Cloud account. 2. IBM Bluemix CLI 3. war file (spring-boot application) IBM Cloud  Setup After signing for IBM Cloud, go to the IBM Cloud Dashboard. IB

Error while configuring Spring with FreeMarker

Today I got a strange problem while configuring FreeMarker with Spring . The project compiles well without any error. All seems to be fine. When I tried to run the application strangely I got following error: Spring in Action, 4ed (Manning) java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: freemarker.template.Configuration. Lfreemarker/template/Version;)V Now for struggling and googling for around one hour I got the answer :) Instant FreeMarker Starter I am using Spring 4.3.5.RELEASE and FreeMarker 2.3.20 before I found the answer. This isstrange but the actual problem lies with the version compatibility of FreeMarker with Spring . It seems that Spring had some issues with FreeMarker . After changing the FreeMarker version from 2.3.20 to 2.3.23 all works fine. Hope this solution help the developers out there configuring FreeMarker with Spring. Enjoy coding!

Deadly Combination

Yes, Deadly combination!! It doesn't means that there would some super stars of the film who would go the devil place and finish him. No No !! I am talking about the deadly combination used in the development of the web sites. I am talking about the tools used for the Java development. Any guesses so far.... Yes, they are Struts2 , Spring , and Hibernate I am currently working all these tools. I am amazed to see the power of all the three technologies and how they makes the life of a developer like me, so easy. All of three would make your project a huge success. Now talking about Struts2 ... It is great framework with the inbuilt Ajax tags that would help many developers. Many new features of the struts2 are marvelous. Hibernate ... I already told in my last post about this. Hibernate would provide you a greater facility for your data persistence. its in built architecture that is fully object oriented which makes it a powerful tool. And yes, not to forget about the HQL (Hi