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Hibernate Tips - a must have book

Recently one of my friend  Thorben Janssen started working on Hibernate Tips book. He is awesome and write wonderful blogs about Hibernate . He is well known for his blogs about Hibernate. You can read him on . He had completed the book and soon it will be available on Amazon for buying. Hibernate Tips: More than 70 solutions to common Hibernate problems Share maximum. Enjoy reading the Hibernate Tips. Congratulates to Thorben. You can reach him @thjanssen123 on twitter.

Deadly Combination

Yes, Deadly combination!! It doesn't means that there would some super stars of the film who would go the devil place and finish him. No No !! I am talking about the deadly combination used in the development of the web sites. I am talking about the tools used for the Java development. Any guesses so far.... Yes, they are Struts2 , Spring , and Hibernate I am currently working all these tools. I am amazed to see the power of all the three technologies and how they makes the life of a developer like me, so easy. All of three would make your project a huge success. Now talking about Struts2 ... It is great framework with the inbuilt Ajax tags that would help many developers. Many new features of the struts2 are marvelous. Hibernate ... I already told in my last post about this. Hibernate would provide you a greater facility for your data persistence. its in built architecture that is fully object oriented which makes it a powerful tool. And yes, not to forget about the HQL (Hi

Hibernate Rocks

After few days working on hibernate I found it very interesting and useful tool for the developers. It allows to handle code more efficiently while working on the database part. Since I am new to it I don't know all the features of the hibernate, but yes the features that I had used are tremendous and the code is more reliable and efficient. All the connection management is handled by it. And specially the mapping files which allows us to connect to the database I enjoyed working with it and hopes it will provide more features in the future.